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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Services

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The law offices of Devan & Null, PLLC were specifically designed with these unique services in mind.  We have professional and comfortable offices located in a central and private location with ample parking.  We have designed conference rooms so parties can meet comfortably and privately with their attorneys.  Our ADR  services are as follows:

Collaborative Family Law

Collaborative Family Law (CFL) is a method of resolving Family Law Cases without going to court.  It rejects the adversarial system as the method to resolve the legal issues that arise out of the breakup of a relationship.  CFL is private and can save you time, money, and stress. It requires a change of “mindset” of parties and Family Law Attorneys. Parties agree in writing to use their best and reasonable good faith effort to resolve their disputes by settlement out of court. Each party retains his and her own CFL attorney. Parties and their attorneys proceed through a series of meetings together and exchange information. Experts such as business appraisers and child psychologists can be retained and assist the parties throughout the process.  If the parties do not reach an agreement through CFL they can still file a lawsuit in Court but they must start with new attorneys and information that is exchanged is during CFL inadmissible. Ultimately if CFL is successful, the parties control the outcome rather than receiving a decision from a Judge. The parties can control the scheduling of the meetings as opposed to being told  when to be in Court and dealing with potential delays due to the volume of cases our Courts must handle. Successful CFL can mean a better relationship with your ex-spouse which can lead to better co-parenting and less litigation in the future. Successful CFL can lead to saving thousands of dollars in attorney litigation fees thereby safeguarding the financial future of you and your children. CFL means less missed time at work and more control over your lives. There are local attorneys who are available for CLF cases. Spouses can communicate and agree to select one of these attorneys or any other attorney who is willing to engage in CFL.

Family Law Arbitration

The North Carolina Family Law Arbitration Act allows all issues arising from the breakup of a marriage, except for a divorce itself, to be submitted to binding arbitration as an alternative to trial. Arbitration can be established by a prenuptial agreement, a contract created during the marriage or by a contract or Consent Order after the separation. Arbitration is more private and may be less costly and time consuming than litigation in the traditional court setting. It is growing increasingly popular throughout our State. Laura Devan is available as an Arbitrator in Family Court Cases at a reasonable fee.  She is in the unique position of having over 22 years of Family Law experience and having been a Family Court Judge for 9 years. Laura has tried and heard thousands of Family Law Cases as an Attorney and as a former Judge. She can apply this experience as an Arbitrator for your case. Laura is also willing to represent you in an Arbitration hearing. The law offices of Devan & Null, PLLC provide a professional and inviting setting specifically designed for private Arbitration. We can provide all the necessary forms and work with your lawyers for a successful resolution of your Family Court case.

Private Mediations

Once litigation has commenced, our Court rules require parties go through Family Financial Mediation prior to trial of their Equitable Distribution Case.  These are typically calendared through Family Court with a list of mediators.  Laura Devan is available for private mediations that may be able to be scheduled more quickly than through the court system leading to a faster resolution of your case. Laura has undergone 40 hours of mediation training as well as extensive Family Law training both as a Judge and an Attorney. She has mediated, tried and heard hundreds of Equitable Distribution Cases as a Mediator, Attorney and Judge. Laura has the unique ability, with over 22 years of an experience, to analyze a case, provide an overview and resolve the case with a fair outcome.  Private Mediations may save you thousands of dollars and precious time with a quicker resolution than litigation. In our experiences, parties are typically happier when they control the outcome of their case by out of court settlement.

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